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Live School Features - Browser based. Students downloads nothing. Students only enter their username and optionally how do they feel today Students e-comes at your E-Classrooms in 5-10 sec 2- Powerful Admin Console 3- Video is totally controlled by Principals , Teachers, and Secretaries. 4- Advanced Banner System (best banner system to promote your products) 5- 4 moderator mode (Principal,Teacher,Secretary,Students) 6- 3 gender mode (man , woman, couple) 7- Unlimited video Lobbies with optionally specific classrooms (2 cams simultanously) 8- Password protected , and moderated by Teachers and Secretaries lobbies 9- Switch panel (write with every username you want) 10- Cheat panel (add fake online users) 11- Throw recorded video option ( video Ads) 12- Every lobby different Video 13- Automatic procedures (change background every 1 min and so..) (special) 14- Different cam , mic settings for every user group. 15- Set how many prive calls can a Teacher or a Secretary have in one month , 16- Set in what quality and how much cam time a user have 17- Webcam and microphone automatic detection 18- Principal can monitor all cameras 19- One click show photo of user (pressing the photo icon) 20- Automatic Mercury resets all timers every first day of month 21- Help Wizard ( also appears in the beggining of the chat) 22- Smile Panel supporting 70 different smile icons 23- Interview Panel ( a panel that is useful to make online Teaching Class or give an Interview) 24- Profile Button for viewing users profile , info and photo. 25- Error messages ( bad connection , you are kicked , you are banned) 26- Other messages (you are now Principal , you are now Teacher , you are now secretary or you are not any more) 27- Invisible admin ( only for integrated version) 28- Add Teachers ,Secretaries,Principals by one click (only for integrated version) Plus many many more ... try Mercury E- school and classrooms Demo today .

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